Syrian MB Statement on Israeli Broadcast

Syrian MB Statement on Israeli Broadcast

In the context of an Israeli media campaign to support the Syrian regime, Israeli Channel Two has fabricated an interview with some prominent figures of the Syrian opposition, including Mr. Ali Sadr-Eddin al-Bayanouni, the former director general of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria. Furthermore, some of the media outlets associated with the Syrian regime have publicized this fabricated story, which has no basis, to commercialize these lies in the context of the serious national developments taking place in Syria.

We, the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, emphasize that the interview broadcast on the Israeli Channel Two – in the context of the bilateral campaign of the Zionists and the media of the Syrian regime – is aimed at tarnishing the image of the Muslim Brotherhood. This interview was originally made with Mr. al-Bayanouni in 2006 for a Spanish television channel. The interview has been tampered with and fabricated so as to serve the cheap and common goals of the Syrian and the Zionist regimes.

We, the Muslim Brotherhood, also emphasize that neither Mr. al-Bayanouni nor any other official of the group, had – or would by any chance – hold any meeting, interview or dialogue with any Israeli party under any circumstances.

Such lies and immoral methods would only harm their promoters and initiators who have lost their credibility. These campaigns would not only increase our steadfastness towards our positions regarding our national issues, and will only keep us determined on the rights of our Syrian people for a free and dignified life.

London, June 13, 2011


Zuhair Salem

Spokesperson of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria