Syrian MB’s Chairman: Syrian Regime is Autocratic and Criminal

Syrian Muslims Brotherhood’s Chairman Ali Sadr el-Dean el-Baynony severely lashed out at the Syrian regime, chaired by Bashar al-Asaad. ’It is a criminal regime which is predominated by one family,’ el-Baynony said, asserting that all sectors of Syrian people look forward to freedom.
In an interview with the Spanish TV, the Brotherhood’s chairman said his group, banned in Syria, participates with other Syrian opposition to entrench a coalition to remove the regime peacefully, democratically, and without foreign interference.
El-Baynony explained that the opposition, including the Brotherhood, has given five-year chance for the regime to achieve reform. However, it is proven that ’this regime could not be auto-reformed’.  The fact that all Syrian political powers agree on this point can be clearly seen in Damascus Declaration for National Democratic Change on Oct. 16th, 2005 which most foreign-based and inside opposition powers have approved.
“The Syrian regime does not enjoy popular support. There is one family that hold the garb of the country in both economy and politics, namely, al-Asaad family…if the foreign protection is lift, the regime will not be survivable for it has no domestic back,” el- Baynony answered a question on how the regime can be ousted without a military coup or bloodshed.
Commenting on the cooperation between the Brotherhood with other political trends such as nationalism and leftism, el- Baynony asserted that ’our eagerness for freedom, democracy and a dignified life in our country’ provide a joint ground for all since it is ’the right of all citizens’.
He, in addition, accused the regime of practicing terrorism against its people and other nations abroad.  He cited mascaras of 1980s, Homah in particular, as evidence. This matter put Syrian people in constant state of self-defense.
Asked about the likelihood of attempting on life of the exiled Abdel Haleem Khdam, the ex vice president, el- Baynony said: “I do not rule out such idea for the regime has numerous precedents” such as the assassinations of Salah el-Baytar in France, Banan el-Tantawy in German and others.
Commenting on the international investigation into the assassination of ex Lebanese Prime Minister Rafeeq al-Hariri, the Brotherhood’s chairman explained that charges are directed to the Syrian regime because of its precedents. However, el- Baynony preferred to await the conclusion of investigations before accusing anybody.  
Talking about Hamas landslide victory in elections, he pointed out that Hamas, as a political trend, represents the moderate Islamic view, painted by the Brotherhood in other Arab states. It, in addition, keeps on close touch with Palestinian bitter grassroots who are subject to genocide. Both Hamas resistance to the Israeli occupation and charges of corruption of the Palestinian Authority are the major keys for Hamas stunning success.     
El- Baynony indicated that fair ballots show the real weight of Islamists, different in various countries. In addition, if moderate Islam takes the appropriate chance it occupies an effective position in the political domain.