Syrian Mourners Targeted During Funeral Processions

Syrian Mourners Targeted During Funeral Processions



Massacres in Syria continued following the regimes allegations of dropping the 50 year emergency law and security forces have continued to round up dissidents protesting against the regime.

Human Rights organizations have called for an immediate inquiry after close to 100 people were killed since Friday during numerous demonstrations and funeral processions. The groups also urged international sanctions against those ordering and inciting the shootings.

BBC reports that Joe Stork of Human Rights Watch said in a statement that "After Friday’s carnage, it is no longer enough to condemn the violence,” He added that "Faced with the Syrian authorities’ ‘shoot-to-kill’ strategy, the international community needs to impose sanctions on those ordering the shooting of protesters”.

Mahmoud Merhi head of the Arab Organization for Human Rights, reported that close to 300 people have been detained since Friday stressing that many were taken from their homes at night.

Other groups including Swiss-based International Commission of Jurists also urged international investigations of the killings.

Protests had begun five weeks ago, following the domino effects of Tunisia and Egypt’s inspired revolution demanding modest reforms.

With the situation being pushed to the brink and Syria’s regime led by President Bashar al-Assad failing to quell protests even after pledging to take steps to meet their demands officials have resigned in protest. Furthermore, two Syrian parliamentarians and a government appointed cleric have handed in resignations.

Blame has been laid by Syrian officials on armed criminal groups and foreign instigators. Alleging that armed protesters had clubs and swords that were used against the security forces, officials claimed that bottles filled with blood were used in filming fabricated acts of violence.