Syrian Muslim Brotherhood demands Turkish mediation

Syrian Muslim Brotherhood demands Turkish mediation

Syria`s Muslim Brotherhood came to Turkey to demand Turkish mediation between them and Syrian govenment.

After the Hama massacre in1982, which 30,000 Brotherhood members were killed by Syrian army, most of the movement`s leaders and members went abroad. Syria is known to be “the most oppressive and ruthless regime” towards the Muslim Brotherhood movement that is one of the widespread movements in Muslim world.

Its leadership, since 1982 in exile, the Brotherhood issued a statement during the Gaza attacks and declared they “freeze all opposition to Syrian government temporalily to cooperate against Israel”.

The statement that was issued in 7 January 2009 in London, declares the initiative to freeze activities against Syrian regime because of its support for Hamas and Hizbullah.

This initiative was considered to be an opening for dialogue and reconciliation between the movement and the regime by political analists.

Likewise, after this statement, some of the exiled leaders of the Brotherhood came to Turkey and meet some high officials.

The Syrian Brotherhood leaders, by regarding the relations of Syria and Turkey, demanded a mediation for general amnesty and reconciliation between the movement and the regime.

The Brotherhood demands a general amnesty for thousands of Brotherhood members still in detention and getting all human rights without a condition.

The leaders of The Brotherhood, Muhammed Fatih er-Ravi ve Zuheyir Salim, commented on discussion to the World Bulletin.

El-Ravi and Salim said the Brotherhood did not lay anything down as a condition to start talks with Syria. They said their only expectation from the Assad regime is to acknowledge democratic, legal and human rights, to grant permission for all exiles to return home.

President of the London based organization The Arab Orient Center and one of the Brotherhood leaders Zuheyir Salim said, ” We would like to go back to Syria and continue our opposition in democratic scene. Syria that made peace with the opposition will be more stable and stronger against Israel.

The Brotherhood leaders sent a message to Syrian government: “If you do not talk and reconcile with moderate groups like us, radical ones get stronger”.

The Brotherhood also pointed to an important detail: “membership in the Brotherhood is punishable by death under Syrian law. On the other hand, there will be a meeting in Damascus to support Hamas by the Muslim Brotherhood leaders from 30 countries. Only Syrian Brotherhood will not be able to attend this meeting in Damascus.”