Syria’s exiled MB offshoot calls on Syrians to stand united and undeterred

Syria’s exiled MB offshoot calls on Syrians to stand united and undeterred

Syria’s exiled Muslim Brotherhood offshoot called on Syrians to take to the streets to demand freedom

In a statement the group called on the people to unite in one voice and call for their freedom and dignity. The statement urged the people not to allow the tyrant to enslave them.

The statement shed light on numerous aspects following the Arab awakening which resulted in repercussions.

It condemned the violence practiced against the Syrians by the regime despite promises that the 50 year state of emergency will be lifted. Describing the attacks as genocide the MB called on the people to disregard the attempts of sedition by the regime. It stressed that the fabricated accusations against Islamists where the regime blamed outsiders behind the violence was a lame attempt at sedition.

 It appealed to the Syrians to ignore rumors by media outlets asserting freedom and dignity will only be restored by the continued uprising against the oppressive regime and the continued calls for peaceful and democratic reforms. It asserted that the uprising which is part of the national movement sparked in Tunisia and across the Arab –border was the language the young people have come to know.

The statement urged the people to continue protesting against the oppression and against any external interference and to refuse all attempts of deception and manipulation at breaking the will of the people.

In recognition of political freedom the MB offshoot called for the freedom of opinion and expression and transparency allowing free media to cover without restriction or charges all that is happening in the country.

 It called for the immediate cessation of the regime’s policies and the ending of arrests and prosecution on the fabricated grounds of civil disturbance.

The MB statement also called on the regime to stop its destruction, demolition of houses, and its invasion and violation of cities, towns and villages, renowned for being the masterminds behind the call for freedom and dignity.

If the regime was to commit to accepting these demands it would illustrate its authenticity of pursuing a policy reform that could convince the citizens that there are real efforts to establish the desired reform.

It is on this note that the MB paid tribute to those killed or injured during clashes. Furthermore it salutes and pays homage to the armed forces that paid with their lives after, declining orders to shoot innocent citizen.

The statement ends with the MB reiterating its appeal to the Syrian army to defend the homeland and protect the innocent citizens yearning for a free and strong state dominated with freedom and justice.