Syria’s MB Denies Receiving Any US, Arab Funding

Syria’s MB Denies Receiving Any US, Arab Funding


The Muslim Brotherhood group in Syria denied that it received any US or Arab money, and confirmed that what the US journalist Seymour Hersh in this regard is mere lies and fabrications.

The MB said, in a statement it issued yesterday to mark the 44th anniversary of the so called “March 8 coup”, that what Hersh spoke about regarding Arab or US funding to our group, the National Salvation Front in Syria or any sectarian based Islamic party is actually a dirty, sectarian and hideous game that will turn the table against its players.”

The group confirmed again in its statement its “commitment to the general principles of Islam, and that its Islamic project which emerges from its national project is independent from any other international or regional project, and that the group rejects the principle of seeking foreign intervention against the homeland whatever the pretexts or justifications, and it condemns all policies and exercises that may lead to dividing the nation into Sunnis and the Shiites and stoking sectarian strife among citizens.”

The MB added in its statement that what Hersh wrote in his report published by the New Yorker last Jan. 25, 2007, is serving a hideous sectarian attitude; the writer himself acknowledged implicitly that the US-Israeli policy aims at keeping Damascus current regime that has secured a cover and security to the Israeli usurper IOF throughout 40 years on Palestinian territories and the Golan heights, according to the statement.

The group said in its statement that Hersh acknowledged that both US and Israeli administrations still stick to the Syrian regime, and that what Israel and the US want is not toppling the Syrian regime, but taming it and make it more flexible to offer concessions, this is the same policy that president Bashar Al-Asad declared he is ready to adopt more than one time “.