Syria’s MB Launch Initiative to Relocate Syrian Refugees in Iraq

Syria’s Brotherhood Launch Initiative for Relocating Syrian Refugees in Iraq
The Secretary-General of the Muslim Brotherhood group in Syria, lawyer Ali Sadruddin al-Bayanoni, declared, during a press conference he held in his office in London, launching an initiative for relocating Syrian refugees in Iraq to other Arab countries, confirming that the group and other national powers in Syria will pay the costs of the operation in case any country approved to receive them.
Al-Bayanoni added in the press conference attended also by the chairman of the Syrian committee for human rights, Walid Safour, that the problem of the Syrian refugees in Iraq is a humanitarian issue” caused by political attitudes “, describing what is happening against the Syrian refugees as “a silent massacre against these families, while there is no one to save them”.
Al-Bayanoni added that: ” I talk to you today about an aggravating humanitarian tragedy; we have been working hard and for so long a time to solve it, but in vain; it is time for the people concerned to be up to the responsibility. It is a tragedy of hundreds of families of Syrian refugees who have been living in Iraq for dozens of years; they are victims of the policies of repression and eradication in Syria, and victims of the policies of settling scores and security chaos, which is currently hitting Iraq, under the negligence of the UN High Commission for Refugees”.
“The suffering of these Syrian families is only a part of the suffering of the Sunni Arab citizens in Iraq after occupation, as there are plans for driving all Arabs out of Iraq, including Palestinians and Syrians” Al-Bayanoni said, pointing out that ” the suffering the Syrians is increasingly aggravating because of the attitude of the Syrian regime, that rejects the right of a safe return for these families to their homeland”. he added that: ” The Syrians are in particular exposed to double suffering: the suffering they face in Iraq from the occupation forces, Iraqi government and many militias and the suffering they face due to the Syrian attitude; they have originally fled the tyranny in Syria, where they were detained and tortured; some of them returned, after the invasion on Iraq, to Syria, but many of them, including women and children were detained; some were sentenced to death before easing the death sentences to 12 years in jail; although the Syrian refugees face detentions in Iraq under Iraqi police and occupation forces, in addition to kidnappings, displacement and assassinations, but “those who escape from this hell and return to Syria, face more suffering.
Al-Bayanoni blames, in a statement to Ikhwanweb, ” the Syrian regime in the first place, because these refugees are denied the right of a safe return to their homeland; the occupation forces that should protect them and the successive Iraqi government and militias are also blamed for the aggravation of this problem”.
Al-Bayanoni noted that ” the UN commission neglects all of calls and attempts which were exerted to provide them with a safe refuge, even providing a political asylum ID so that they have a kind of immunity”.
The Syrian MB leader pointed out that the Iraqi government refuses to give residence cards to these Syrian refugees; this means that ” they are illegal immigrants, giving a cover for liquidating them by the militias”. ” The rejection of the Iraqi Interior Ministry to renew the residence of these families, gives a justification for besieging, assassinating, kidnapping and arresting them, and that the negligence of UN High Commissioner for Refugees to all calls and attempts for solving their problem, contributed to a great extent to carrying out the massacres that they are facing ” .
Al-Bayanoni mentioned that the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood group tried ” in cooperation with many parties to rescue these stuck families in Iraq, but we faced the rejection of authoritarian regime in Damascus, which cares for nothing but remaining in power, even if this is at the expense of its people inside and outside”.
He added that: ” Arab and Iraqi parties co-operated with us and they made a good initiative after the occupation of Iraq in 2003, when they suggested to Bashar Al-Asad allowing the return of the political opposition refugees in Iraq to Syria to protect them. After discussions and talks, the Syrian regime allowed only a few and most of them were thrown behind bars when they returned home”.
“The group tried in the past to take the families out of Iraq, but the attempts were rejected by the hosting Arab countries”, Al-Bayanoni said, confirming that” the Muslim Brotherhood and the national powers are ready to pay all the costs of relocating these families” in any Arab country that accepts to receive them.
Al-Bayanoni blamed the UN High Commission for Refugees for the responsibility of their problem; he also demanded the Arab League to bear its responsibility ” whether through exercising pressures on the Syrian regime to give the right of a safe return or to find ways for relocating them in other Arab countries”.
Al-Bayanoni confirmed that ” Till the Syrian regime bears it national and constitutional responsibilities, to protect its people, and give them safe return to their country, and till the international community, represented by the United Nations, and the High commission for refugees, bear its responsibilities, and till the Arab League bears its responsibilities towards these Arab citizens, till all these bear their responsibilities, we- the Muslim Brotherhood group and the Syrian national powers- declare that we are fully ready for paying all the costs of relocating the Syrian political refugees in Iraq in any other country that accepts to receive them. We have already launched a program for relocating them during the last three years, but it faces the obstacle of finding countries that accept to host these families coming from Iraq”.

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