Syria’s MB Opens UK Media Office, Urges Hezbollah Ease Tensions

The Secretary-General of the Muslim Brotherhood group in Syria, Ali Sadruddin al-Bayanoni, announced the group is opening a media office in London.

Al-Bayanoni told Ikhwanweb, around the media office that the group opened in the British capital, London:” We have been here for many years; it is natural that we exercise our work through an office, not from my house”, confirming that they need an office because the MB activities increase.

The Secretary-General of the group- a Muslim Brotherhood offshoot in Syria- confirmed that the activities to be exercised in this office aren’t related to the opposing Salvation Front that he co-founded with the dissident ex- Vice-president Abdel Halim Khaddam and other opponents; he said there is an office for the salvation front while this office is affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood group “in which we exercise our activities.”

Regarding the initiative that the group declared, of relocating Syrian refugees from Iraq to a third country and financing the costs of the operation, al-Bayanoni said:” we are negotiating with a number of undisclosed Arab countries; we still demand all these countries to provide places for receiving these refugees and we hope our demands will be met.

Around the Arab countries that he hopes will receive refugees, al-Bayanoni said:” We approve any Arab country- without any exception- that agrees to host them; we are ready to pay all travel and relocation costs; we received some positive responses but we are still expecting more; he stressed that the Syrian citizen should- like any other citizen- seek refuge in his homeland; but when the one is fleeing detentions, executions and suppressions, the one to blame is the regime that forced him into escaping for reasons related to freedom of expression.

Al-Bayanoni said that the Syrian regime should allows Syrian refugees in Iraq to return to their homeland regardless of the charges related to freedom of expression, because they are opponents and the lived outside their homeland for dozens of years and some of them were born in Iraq and do not know their homeland Syria.

Al-Bayanoni blamed the occupation forces for the responsibility of what is taking place in Iraq and the Palestinian territories, saying:” we call on our brothers in Iraq and Palestine to be up to the responsibility and to cooperate and exceed all problems to serve the interests of their peoples and countries.

Regarding the escalating situation in Lebanon, witnesses, Al-Bayanoni said:” I think that Hezbollah’s current escalation does not serve any Lebanese interest; this is actually for the Syria an Iranian interests; Hezbollah shouldn’t have slipped into such an abyss and should continue its role in resisting Israel, a role that made it respected by of all; but when it slipped into this attitude that serves Syrian and Iranian agendas, specially blocking the International Court that will try assassins of the ex-Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Al-Hariri, it escalated the inter-Lebanese tensions.