Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood to Establish Party for All Sects: Bayanouni

Ali Sadreddine Bayanouni, the Secretary-General of the Muslim Brotherhood group in Syria, declared that the group will establish a political party that will include all sections of the Syrian society, when there is a suitable opportunity for this and when establishing parties gains legalization inside Syria.

Bayanouni said in an interview with “United Press International” yesterday that ” We aren’t a political party in the political sense of the word, but we are an Islamic group that carries out the mission of preaching for Da’wa (call) of Allah, the Exalted the Majestic, and that it has a full understanding of Islam, includes all various aspects of life, which isn’t restricted to only worshipping in mosques, and it considers the political action as a part of, not all, its activities; every one who wants to join the group should adopt its principles and the door is open for every one who wants to embrace its principles and adopt a similar understanding of Islam.”

Bayanouni revealed that his group:” Is about to establish a political party when establishing parties is legalized in Syria; this party should include all Syrians because its mission won’t be preaching for Islam, like the group; it will be concerned with the political action which isn’t restricted to Muslims or the Muslim Brotherhood; the political action can be exercised by all people; accordingly, every one who believes in the principles of this party can join it regardless of race, religion or doctrine.”

Also, Bayanouni expressed his satisfaction with the activities of the Syrian ” National Salvation Front” which he established with Khaddam and other opposition leaders, saying:” There is considerable progress; although it isn’t sufficient, but this is actually attributed to some issues which are currently preoccupying all the region, including the files of Iran, Iraq and Lebanon, which have a negative impact on the Syrian situation”.

Bayanouni said that contacts with opposition powers outside ” are better than contacts with them inside Syria”, pointing out that they ” are doing well; they may be slow but they are taking the right path”.

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