2005 Elections


Foreign Office Visits MB in Alexandria

A delegation from the British Foreign Office, headed by Consul General Marie-Louise Archer, on Thursday visited the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood's administrative office in Alexandria.

Sisters aspire to equality within Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood

The first time Asmaa Shehata managed to free herself from conservative family rules and a mother-imposed curfew was when she slept on the street for three nights among hundreds of

Clarifying the Muslim Brotherhood

As Mubarak's regime starts to topple, there is speculation whether the Muslim Brotherhood will dominate the new Egyptian political landscape. It will undoubtedly play a role in creating a new

MB Chairman: Through peaceful perseverance peace will be attained

In the latest message by the Muslim Brotherhoods chairman Dr. MOhamed Badie called on the Muslims to keep the faith and unity and to remain optimistic.

Over 100,000 suicide attempts in 2010 by desperate citizens suffering poor living conditions

According to a recent report by the Cabinet Information Centre over 100,000 suicide attemps were recorded in 2010 in Egypt alone.

Gamal Mubarak Blames Judges for Low Turnout in the 2005 Presidential Election

WikiLeaks has released a new batch of cables today including 11 originating from the US embassy in Cairo, dating back to the Bush administration in 2005.

Egypt’s 2010 Elections – Fraud, Oppression and Hope for Change

Eygpt’s 2010 parliamentary elections will go down in history as a blatant fraud and crime against democracy and the people it represents.

The privatization of fraud

Egypt’s recently concluded legislative elections did not only end with a landslide victory for the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP), having secured 93 percent of the seats in parliament, but

What Does Egypt Have to Fear?

Should Egypt fear the US? Not really, it is just an ‘outside actor’ after all. Or, should the US fear Egypt? How many recalcitrant allies does the US really need?

Badie Rejects Government Allegations about the Fairness of Elections

Dr. Mohamed Badie, chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), praised the Egyptian judges for standing up against fraud, pointing out that the Egyptian judiciary did not disappoint the people.