2005 Elections


Politicians: Egypt at the Crossroads

After the run-offs, the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) was set to win about most of the seats in the parliament leaving almost only four seats for the leftist Tagammu

European Human Rights Calls on EU to Break Its Silence

A statement issued by the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network expressed concern about Egypt’s parliamentary elections where voting irregularities and fraud were reported.

Egypt’s Elections Rigged Before, During and After

A sweeping victory if that’s what one can label Egypt’s ruling NDP’s rigged win was announced by the Higher Election Commission today where they confirmed they secured an 83% majority

Observers slam Egypt’s polls

The elections in Egypt has left the country anything but satisfied, wide held rigging, vote buying, ballot stuffing, violence and arbitrary arrests laced the parliament poll.

Ruling NDP in denial

Despite widespread violence and claims of rigging, preliminary reports have indicated that the ruling National Democratic Party have won the elections in a landslide victory.

Human Rights Report Egypt’s Permanent State of Emergency Incompatible with Free and Fair Vote

In light of the mass and unjust arbitrary arrests in the lead to the elections, monopolizing of media and evident intimidation measures against opposition a 24-page report by human rights

Forces attempt to thwart MB’s MP open ended sit –in

Security officials called on the protesting MB candidates to end their sit in parliament urging them to leave the premises.

Thirty MB Members Summoned and Arrested, Five Houses Raided and One Abduction in Dakahlia

State security forces issued a decision to quickly arrest and bring to trial 30 more MB supporters who were accompanying candidates as they made their rounds in Talkha and included

Arrests and Attacks Continue on Election Rallies in Daqahliya and Gharbeya

Security forces yesterday released Mohammed Abdul Baqi, a member of the MB parliamentary bloc for Talkha, Daqahliya, after being abducted by security forces during a rally for Muslim Brotherhood candidates

Opposition slams regime’s efforts to rig election

The opposition Muslim Brotherhood accused the government on Monday of rigging Egypt's parliamentary election by stopping its candidates from campaigning and arresting nearly 250 of its supporters.