2005 Elections


Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on Rigging of Parliamentary Election

Respectable democratic systems confident of their legitimacy and popularity compete fairly with different political powers to gain the confidence of the public and the popular will of the people, and

Egypt says no to foreign monitors

Egypt dismissed as interference, calls to allow foreign observers to monitor the country's parliamentary elections later this month, an official said.

Egypt criticises US for trying to act as ‘caretaker’

Egypt criticised the United States on Thursday for interfering in its affairs after Washington called for foreign monitors in this month's parliamentary elections and met with a group pressing for

Ten MB Injured and Six Arrests on Day Two of Poll Clashes

Security forces in Alexandria arrested 2 MB candidate supporters during a rally, further escalating tensions between the regime and MB supporters.

Security Sets Fire to House in Attempt to Burn MB Banner

In a desperate measure state security apparatus in Kafr el-Sheikh set fire to a house after throwing a lighted cloth onto a banner promoting the Muslim Brotherhood candidate.

How to win power in Egypt

Al Jazeera's Ayman Mohyeldin examines the key to controlling Egypt ahead of a parliamentary election.

The Brotherhood: No hope for the NDP in Alexandria

Sobhi Saleh, a leading figure in the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentarian, is convinced the upcoming parliamentary elections are going to be a fierce competition in Alexandria because the ruling National Democratic

Brotherhood fights for more seats

He was one of 88 members of the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt’s strongest-yet-banned opposition force, who won seats in the 2005 parliamentary elections.

Egypt’s Political Future: The Parliamentary Elections and Beyond

Opposition activity is heating up as Egypt moves closer to parliamentary elections on November 28. But as voters prepare to head to the polls, the Egyptian government has tightened restrictions

Brotherhood Enters Elections in a Weakened State

As the November 28 elections approach, the Muslim Brotherhood appears conflicted and troubled compared to its state before the 2005 parliamentary polls. Many in Egypt were taken aback by the