2005 Elections


MB Chief Vows to Rally Egyptians Against Vote-Rigging in Elections

The top rival of the Egyptian regime in upcoming elections has vowed to prevent fraud in next month's vote by rallying Egyptians sure that the people of Egypt are appalled

Egypt’s media ban effects independent satellite channels

Egypt's ruling regime has announced the suspension of 12 satellite channels, renowned for their religious themes and warned 20 other channels concerning their alleged incitement to religious hatred, unlicensed medical

Brotherhood: Egypt regime aims to rig vote

The leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's largest opposition movement, accused the regime of monopolizing power through vote rigging and vowed to rally Egyptians to prevent fraud in upcoming parliamentary

Arab elections: free, sort of fair… and meaningless

A certain Arab country recently held parliamentary elections. The vote was reasonably free and fair. Turnout was 67 percent, and the opposition won a near majority of the seats --

Amnesty condemns MB arbitrary detentions

London based rights group Amnesty International accused Egyptian authorities of arresting large numbers of Muslim Brotherhood members in an attempt to hinder the country’s strongest political opposition group's elections campaign

Egypt’s election campaign shows change is sluggish, but on the way

No one is holding their breath about the outcome of Egypt's parliamentary elections, which are certain to leave President Hosni Mubarak and his National Democratic Party in charge.

Basyouny: Judges’ authorities must be restored if any participation in elections is to take place.

Chancellor Ismail Basyouny President of the Judiciary Club has asserted in a statement to Ikhwanonline that the judiciary will not participate in the supervision of the up-coming elections.

the Muslim Brotherhood Abandons 30 Election Districts

In an unexpected decision that will flame the Egyptian parliamentary election, Dr. Muhammad Habeeb, the first vice of the Supreme Guide of the banned Moslem Brotherhood, uncovered that the movement