2010 Elections


Dr. Zaghloul Reveals Scientific Research System Needs Complete Overhaul

Dr. Susan Zaghloul, the first woman to win a parliamentary ‘Individuals’ seat underlines need for women's representation in the Constituent Assembly of the Egyptian Constitution.

Susan Saad Zaghloul, the Only Woman Winner of Individual Seats in Egyptian Elections

Susan Saad Zaghloul was defeated by Mubarak fraud in 2010 elections, helped to a resounding victory by the 2012 revolution.

Sisters aspire to equality within Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood

The first time Asmaa Shehata managed to free herself from conservative family rules and a mother-imposed curfew was when she slept on the street for three nights among hundreds of

Post-Election Egypt- A Digital Political Discussion Room

A president who has governed with an iron fist for 29 years, an election where only a quarter of eligible voters turned up, a fraudulent election hailed as a great

Tagammu Leaders Call on Party Leader to Step Down after Radical Decisions

Senior members from the oppositions Tagammu Party called on Refaat ElSaeed to step down after describing his decisions as 'radical'.

Egypt – Pawn in a Losing Game?

The Middle East is turbulent. In the midst of war, threats of war and oppression, the Egyptian election took place and it was marred by voter intimidation, fraud, and a

When Is Enough, Enough?

Egypt’s government, tightening its grip on power to ensure a smooth transition when Mubarak leaves the political arena, swept parliament in what observers describe as blatant fraud and a ‘test

Tug-of-War – The Regime vs the MB

The 2010 elections in Egypt sent a very clear message to both the opposition and the general populace that anyone opposing the NDP will face tyranny.

Sunday Is D-Day in Egypt

Despite the violence, arbitrary detentions and determined campaigners struggling against a dishonest, brutal regime, less than half the population of Egypt is expected to take part in Sunday's polls.