Archbishop Bakhoum: Church Will Not Withdraw from Constituent Assembly

Playing a positive part in Egypt’s constitution-writing panel, the Church is defying calls from certain Coptic groups and movements to subvert the panel by withdrawing its representatives therein.

Adel Hamid: We Seek Release of Abbassiya Detainees

Freedom and Justice party lawmaker affirms that the Egyptian People’s Assembly (lower house of parliament) will not relinquish the rights and freedoms of Egyptians, no matter what the cost.

Journalists Go On Strike, Misr 25 Channel Staff Starts Sit-in

As Egyptian Military Police violates all red lines, assaulting media professionals performing their duty, reporting news from clash scenes near the Ministry of Defense building, Abbassiya, in Cairo, the national

Urgent Statement from MP Hoda Ghaneya Against Arrest of Women in Abbassiya Clashes

An Egyptian parliamentarian urges the ruling Military Council to release 15 female doctors who were dragged out of a mosque – where they sought shelter from gunshots and firebombs in

Yassin: Assaults on Peaceful Protesters Show Former Regime Still in Control

It was no accident, according to Yassin, that brutal thugs commit heinous massacres and mass atrocities against peaceful protesters: the usual ‘hidden hands’ are now at play desperately trying to

Katatni: People Entitled to Demonstrate, Protest peacefully Anywhere

What happened in Abbassiya sit-in was a bloody massacre against innocent peaceful protesters that Katatni vows will not go unpunished.

Katatni: Egyptian People Will Not Accept Presidential Elections Delay or Postponement

The whole nation is ready and willing to rise again in revolt against intransigence, repression and persecution, if presidential elections are postponed, delayed or suspended.

Erian: FJP Boycotted SCAF’s Meeting with Parties, Holds it Responsible for Abbassiya Bloodshed

Egypt’s national stakeholders agree to a massive million-man march and demonstrations on Friday, in response to the brutally violent events described by eyewitnesses as a bloody massacre of innocent peaceful

SAWASYA: Protection of Abbassiya Sit-in is SCAF Responsibility

According to one human rights authority, the highly persistent and well-organized murderous attacks on the peaceful sit-in of the Egyptian capital’s Abbassiya district indicate a deliberate attempt to subvert the

FJP Strongly Condemns Violence, Brutality Against Abbassiya Protesters

The FJP boycotts SCAF meeting today; denounces violence against peaceful sit-in; suspends Dr. Morsi’s presidential campaign in mourning of Abbassiya martyrs.