Eight Muslim Brotherhood, Other Leaders Moved to High-Security Prison, in Violation of Law

The military ‘democracy’ in Egypt shows as much respect for the law as it did for the Constitution, transferring 8 Islamist leaders to the toughest jail in the country, pending

Prosecutors Hear 274 Muslim Brotherhood Victims in Moqattam Brutal Attacks

Egypt’s Prosecution Service starts hearings and investigations into latest wave of barbaric attacks on citizens and public and private property, in which hundreds of Brotherhood members and supporters were lynched,

Mohamed Akef is First Chairman of Registered Brotherhood Society

Founded in 1928, the Muslim Brotherhood has long been persecuted by consecutive regimes in Egypt which sought to disband it; and now to gain completely legal status, the group has

Muslim Brotherhood Submits Legal Request Demanding Commitment to Peaceful Protests

Egypt Brotherhood lawyer says parties calling for demonstrations outside the group’s headquarters must commit to peaceful protest and bear consequences of any acts of violence.

Legal Experts: Egyptian Detainees UAE Trial Mockery of Justice

A clearly political trial is set for Egyptians with no proper access to defense lawyers in a hardly-neutral court where verdicts cannot be appealed – a total tour de farce.

Abdel-Maksoud: Constitutional Court Maneuvers to Use Media Pressure for Political Gains

The Supreme Constitutional Court’s decision not to hold any sessions Sunday (a normal work-day in Egypt) was purely political: judges simply refused to leave their homes in the protection of

Experts: Islamizing Media Headlines Misleading and Sensational Scaremongering

Muslim Brotherhood media experts Qutb Al-Arabi and Fathi Shehabeddin condemn scare headlines sensationalizing false stories about the Brotherhood’s alleged ‘Islamization’ of print and broadcast Media as totally unfounded lies manufactured

Abdel-Maksoud: Prosecutors Identify Criminals Involved in Torching Brotherhood Headquarters

As dubious Mubarak-affiliated parties incite violent attacks, arson and destruction of Brotherhood headquarters across Egypt, the country’s public prosecution service is closing-in on criminals who have already responded with arson

Legal Action Called Against Instigators of Violence

Muslim Brotherhood lawyer demands forceful legal action to stop former regime loyalists inciting violent attacks, arson and destruction of offices of the Brotherhood and the Freedom and Justice Party across

Brotherhood Lawyer: State Council Judges to Stand Against Halting Constitution-Writing Process

Abdel-Maksoud believes there is well-planned, subversive scheme to disrupt the constitution-writing process and halt its progress to fruition.