Abdel-Moneim Abdel-Maksoud


President Morsi’s Defense Files Complaint to Public Prosecutor About Threats to His Life

President Mohamed Morsi’s defense team has submitted a complaint to the Egyptian Public Prosecutor Thursday (June 8), in the presence of Dr Mohamed Salim Al-Awa, Mohamed Tosson, Kamel Mandour, Khalid

Three Anti-Coup Lawyers Await Verdicts for Alleged Constitutional Court ‘Insult’

Overlooking drug lords and criminal thugs, junta justice arrests all opponents – anyone who shows dissent or exposes their fraud and corruption.

Lawyers: Egypt Parliament Disbanding Impossible Under New Constitution

Although the new national charter states Shura Council is entrusted with legislative authority ‘until House of Representatives is elected’ (which it is not as yet), a lawsuit is to be

Muslim Brotherhood and FJP: Mubarak Trial Judge Recusal Decision Wise, Serves Justice

Trial of ousted Mubarak and top officials for complicity in killing peaceful demonstrators postponed as presiding judge steps down, referring case to Cairo Appeals Court.

Brotherhood Lawyer Lodges Legal Complaint Against 169 Persons for Moqattam Attacks

Muslim Brotherhood top lawyer Abdel-Maksoud submits 54 video clips and 155 photographs by way of evidence against dozens of political and other figures who called Friday protests.

Legal Experts: Law Will Face Up to Violence and Vandalism

Investigations into attacks on the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood and its political wing the Freedom and Justice Party start soon, with legal experts and professionals affirming that law and

Brotherhood and FJP Legal Experts Abdel-Maksoud and Ashri: Muslim Brotherhood 100% Legal

Muslim Brotherhood lawyers affirm the Islamic group’s legal status is beyond doubt, and assure the Brotherhood is ready and willing to conform, if and when legally necessary.

Abdel-Maksoud: President Morsi’s Detainees Pardon a Revolution Triumph

Egyptian human rights top lawyer assures that President Morsi’s latest bold decree, to pardon all pro-revolution prisoners and detainees, is a giant step in the right direction to achieve revolution

October 8, Brotherhood Lawyers’ Trial for Allegedly Slandering Constitutional Court Judges

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood lawyers Alhafi and Abdel-Maksoud are referred to the Criminal Court for filing accusations of forgery against Supreme Constitutional Court judges who have not been investigated for the

Rights Activist Urges Constitutional Court to Drop Case Against Brotherhood Lawyers

Denouncing total lack of media support for lawyers Alhafi and Abdel-Maksoud rights activist Borai urges Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court to drop the case against them without further delay.