Abdul Monem Abdul Maqsoud


Interior Minister denies visitation rights to 217 Muslim Brotherhood members who are to spend Eid

In another bout of violation of freedom of rights the Interior Ministry has denied visitation privileges during the up-coming Eid for 217 detained Muslim Brotherhood members.

Postponement: November 5 scheduled for Khayrat el-Shater and his companions appeals.

Once again prosecutors postponed the hearing of Eng. Khayrat el-Shater and his companions' appeals. A later date November 5 was scheduled demonstrating yet further injustices to the movement's deputy vice.

Cessation Court reviews military tribunal detainees’ appeals

Hearing will be resumed Tuesday November 3, of the appeals filed by Eng. Khayrat el-Shater and his companions who are currently serving harsh sentences. The vice-deputy chairman of the Muslim

Abdul Monem Abdul Maqsoud: 231 Innocent Muslim Brotherhood members behind bars during

Defense lawyer for the Muslim Brotherhood movement Abdul Monem Abdul Maqsoud revealed that the number of the movement's members who were to spend "Eid" (Muslim celebration for the end of

Attorney General Orders 48 Al-Azhar MB Students Released

Egyptian Attorney General released, on Monday, 48 of Al-Azhar Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt: Cairo Court Orders 42 Azhar Students Released

The Cairo Criminal Court issued on Wednesday a ruling of releasing 42 of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) students on Al-Azhar case No.

Court Adjourn Hearing to Appeal Freezing MB Assets

Cairo Criminal Court delayed, on Tuesday afternoon, hearing the appeal against the Egyptian Attorney General’s decision of freezing the assets of 29 Muslim Brotherhood leaders topped Eng. Khairat Al Shater,

MB’s Al Shater, 15 Others released

Thursday Dec. 14, 2006 after Al-Azhar University performed a sportive parade.It is worth mentioning that Al Shater, 15 MB leaders and 140 students from Al-Azhar University were arrested onand the

Eng. Al Shater, 36 Others Jailed 15 More Days

Cairo-based Higher State Security Prosecution prolonged, on Wednesday Jan. 24, 2007, provisional detentions on 37 Muslim Brotherhood leaders, including Eng. Khairat Al Shater, the deputy chairman of the group.

Al Shater, 15 MB leaders Detained 15 More Days Pending Trial

Again... Al Shater, 15 MB leaders detained 15 days pending trialThe Higher State Security Prosecution prolonged 16 Muslim Brotherhood leaders, topped by engineer Mohamed Khayrat Al Shater, the MB second