Arab Doctors Union discuss Nile ‘s sharing agreement

The seminar comes in the light of the negative repercussions of the agreement signed by 4 of the Nile Basin countries without the notable presence of Egypt to regulate water

When the alternative is not so different after all

After a difficult and protracted interlude the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) elected a new supreme guide, Mohamed Badei.

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood and Women

A recent spat of press reports detailing Egypt’s powerful opposition Muslim Brotherhood group’s row over the role of women has left the Islamic group under pressure from the country’s liberal

Hawkish coup

Conservative members of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood swept the board in the outlawed group's internal elections on Monday in what many viewed as an internal Brotherhood coup.

Egypt: Brotherhood feels wrath of state; leaders arrested

The battle between the Egyptian government and the Muslim Brotherhood wages on. This time, 10 senior members of the opposition Islamic group were arrested on Saturday, the group told Bikya

Administrative Court to judge in 4 public opinion cases

The Egyptian public opinion anticipated verdicts concerning 4 cases which were to be heard by Judge Adel Farghali Chief Justice of the Administrative Court.

Abul Magd congratulates Abul Fotouh on his recent release.

Recently released Dr Abdul Monem Abul Fotouh secretary general of the Arab Doctors Union and a distinguished member of the Muslim Brotherhood Bureau received a warm and heart-felt telegraph congratulating

94 year old Abdul Khalek’s Doctoral thesis awarded Honorary Degree

The Faculty of Law, Cairo University, in one of science and academic wonders, awarded researcher Mohamed Farid Abdel Khaliq 94, one of the Muslim Brotherhood's first generation a PhD with

The long awaited release of Dr. Gamal Abdul Salam

Security services released Dr. Gamal Abdul Salam, Rapporteur of the Jerusalem Committee of the Arab Doctors Union and the Muslim Brotherhood's candidate in 2005 legislative elections after receiving an acquittal

Egypt: Ruling party conference ends with Brotherhood attacks

The ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) ended its 6th annual three-day conference in Cairo on Monday, with a series of bashings at the Muslim Brotherhood. The conference, which had run