Administrative Court


Freedom and Justice Party Awaits Release of Funds, Personal Property

An Egyptian court stops implementation of 17 earlier court decisions to seize funds, property, schools, companies belonging to people said to be members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

FJP Lawmaker: No Judiciary Law Will Be Passed Without Judges’ Consultation

Egypt’s upper house of parliament pledges not to pass a law regulating the judiciary without first getting the judges’ views.

Ahmed Arif: Muslim Brotherhood is Keen to Reconcile Legal Status

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood reiterates its resolve to legalize its status once a relevant law – currently being discussed by the country’s upper house of parliament – is passed.

Freedom and Justice Party and the Muslim Brotherhood: We Respect Rule of Law

Leaders and media spokespersons for Egypt Muslim Brotherhood and its political wing, the FJP, have expressed respect for the Administrative Court’s decision to refer elections law back to the Supreme

Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Administrative Court Decision in Constituent Assembly Disbanding Case

The Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing accepts today’s decision by Egypt’s Administrative Court to refer the case for annulling the country’s charter-authoring panel to the Supreme Constitutional Court, as it gives

Katatni Denies Lodging Complaint with the President About Dissolution of Parliament

On the ninth of July 2012, Egypt’s Administrative Court is to look into the generals’ decision to disband the first freely and fairly elected Parliament.

Ashri: Ruling to Suspend Presidential Elections Issued by Non-Competent Court

Controversial decision by administrative court raises many questions and causes concern for future of Egypt’s march from despotism to democracy, especially as court acts out of jurisdiction.

Parliament Amendments to Presidential Election Process Prevents Manipulation, Fraud

To allay public fears regarding possibilities of election fraud or vote-count manipulation, Egyptian parliament approves a new draft amendment to allow appeals against certain elections committee decisions usually immune to

Legal and Human Rights Experts Criticize Al-Shater and Nour Presidential Race Disqualification

Egypt’s legal experts and human rights organizations lend solid support to Al-Shater’s appeal against presidential candidacy disqualification, as they ponder the wisdom of the election council’s latest decision.

Al-Shater Expects SCAF to Ratify Disenfranchisement Law

Having passed a law reform to bar former Egyptian regime officials from running for head of state, Parliament now wants the Military Council to ratify the amendment.