Afghan People


MB: Bin Laden is not Islam and resistance against oppression is legitimate

According to a statement issued by Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood while Islam denounces violence and terrorism it believes it was not necessary to resort to assassination stressing a fair trial of

Farewell to Afghanistan

Sama Adnan considers the crippling impact of the US intervention in Afghanistan on the American economy and society, highlighting among other things that while President Obama has cut federal salaries

We can’t rely on American intelligence, so why entrust hostages’ lives to US forces?

Yvonne Ridley contrasts the bungled rescue attempt of UK aid worker Linda Norgrove, which resulted in her being killed by her American “rescuers”,with her own successful release from Taliban captivity

Dr Linda Norgrove – victim of the UK’s Afghanistan policy

Dr Linda Norgrove was a Scottish development fieldworker of incredible bravery and philosophical sophistication who was working in Afghanistan on crop and land management issues.

NATO troops kill Afghan cleric, officials say

KABUL -- NATO troops in a convoy killed an Afghan cleric as he was driving Thursday in Kabul,

We are all war criminals

Our nation is still recovering from the November 5, 2009, shootings at Ft. Hood in Killeen, Texas. We are waiting for some sense of normalcy to return after such a