Beltagy: U.S. Intervention in Egyptian Internal Affairs Unacceptable

After decades of solid support for repressive dictatorships around the world and 30 long years of full backing for the repressive, tyrannical Mubarak regime, the U.S. administration boldly criticizes Egypt’s

Erian: Egypt Will Not Be Iran or Afghanistan

FJP leader Erian assures Egypt will not become like Iran, Afghanistan or Pakistan – with its mainstream tolerant Islam represented in the venerable Azhar mosque and university and its independent

Ghozlan: Bin Laden Was Never Member of Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood spokesman assures that, despite recent allegations, Al-Qaeda leaders never belonged to the ‘moderate Islam’ group, which relies exclusively on political democratic interaction.

Joining a Dinner in a Muslim Brotherhood Home

If you want to understand the Islamic forces that are gaining strength in Egypt and scaring people here and abroad, let me tell you about my dinner in the home

Role of MPs of the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary Bloc (2005-2010)

In 2005-2010 parliament, the Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc had quite an intense constitutional and legislative battle and made a huge effort documented in parliamentary records and statistical reports, witnessed by

Turkey’s New Ascendancy to the World Leadership

The global balance of power is changing; and not just in ways commonly covered by the media.

What’s So Scary About the Muslim Brotherhood?

Essam Erian throws his hands up in mock surrender. "I cannot answer this question," he says, smiling broadly. "This is a question for me to ask, for you to answer."

Dr. El-Sergani Speaking to the Youth Guard the Revolution and Protect Stability

The Islamist leader, Dr. Ragheb el-Sergani, asked the youth to guard the revolution as it represents the rebirth of the Egyptian nation

MB: The US must withdraw its troops from Iraq and Afghanistan

Following the killing of Al-Qaeda leader Ossama Bin Laden during a shootout in Pakistan it is high time the US realize that it must withdraw its troops from Afghanistan and

MB: Bin Laden is not Islam and resistance against oppression is legitimate

According to a statement issued by Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood while Islam denounces violence and terrorism it believes it was not necessary to resort to assassination stressing a fair trial of