International Press Conference Tuesday on ‘Rabaa Massacre… A Homeland At Stake’

Egypt's anti-coup coalition defending democracy announces a press conference Tuesday in downtown Cairo.

First Post-Revolution Military Trial of Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Postponed to Monday March 24

Human Rights Activist Khaled Hamza and a number of Brotherhood leaders have their military trial put back to next Monday.

Rights Activist Khaled Hamza, Four Muslim Brotherhood Leaders in Military Court March 17

Human Rights activist is charged with ludicrous made up crimes, before a military coup, together with 4 Muslim Brotherhood leaders.

Muslim Brotherhood’s Statement on Terrorism Designation by Saudi Arabia

Statement about inclusion of the Muslim Brotherhood on the list of terrorist organisations by Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Interior

Military Trials Against Journalists Continue in Egypt

A vengeful, ferocious crackdown on freedom of speech in Egypt, started with the illegitimate murderous military coup in July 2013, is now intensifying, showing no sign of let up.

Muslim Brotherhood: Africa’s Egypt Stance Consistent with Democracy Principles

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood urges Western governments to commit to their own principles and apply their own laws as African states have done, and to stop interfering in Egypt's internal affairs.

Freedom and Justice Party Hails AU Refusal to Reinstate Egypt’s Membership Under Coup

With 53-strong African Union rejecting coup authorities' request to attend summit or participate in any activities, the FJP warns the illegitimate regime may soon fail to find any supporters or

Following Morsi’s Visit, Chinese Investors See Promising Opportunities in ‘Gate to Africa’ Egypt

Egyptian President Morsi assures that Egypt is well-qualified for a strong launch into new horizons and a bright future, and that it has the will and the resources to make

Dr. Badie Receives South Africa’s Deputy Foreign Minister

Africa is awed and inspired by the Arab Spring, and is keenly interested in helping Egypt economically by forging stronger trade ties.

FJP Receives Nigerian Ambassador to Cairo, Stresses Vital Relations With Africa

Freedom and Justice Party, (FJP) Vice Chairman, Dr. Essam Al Erian, received on Monday Nigeria’s Ambassador to Cairo Mr. Baba Jana Wakeel. During the meeting, the ambassador congratulated the FJP