African Cup


Egypt tells Shehata no-go for Nigeria job

Shehata had said he was contacted by Nigeria following the African Cup of Nations – which Egypt won for a third straight time – and allegedly had offered him a

Egypt’s Shehata has contract extended

CAIRO: The Egyptian Football Association (EFA) is giving national team manager Hassan Shehata one more chance to take the Pharaohs to the World Cup in four years.

Football is the new religion – a post-match musing

Back in the United Kingdom – where I’m from – a new phrase entered the national consciousness during the 2004 European Championships: ‘football is the new religion’.

Algeria-Egypt rivalry is so last year

The reason behind my mounting disgust towards the behavior of our North African aficionados is that Arabs have suffered enough already and there is no need to flex fists over

Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary Bloc congratulate the Egyptian Football team.

The MB parliamentary bloc congratulated Egypt 's football players after their outstanding performance and 4 nil victory against Algeria on Thursday.

Egypt beats Cameroon 3-1, to face Algeria in semi-finals.

CAIRO: Egypt struck twice in the final five minutes of Monday’s quarterfinal match in Angola to book their place in the final four of the African Cup of Nations.

Egypt goes undefeated in group stage, hopes abound

As the crowd began to exit a Cairo cafe on Wednesday night, the smiles that graced scores of Egyptians were part of the hope and optimism created by the national