Ahmed Fahmi


Upper House Refers Political Rights Law to Supreme Constitutional Court for Final Approval

FJP leader Erian calls on elections panel to hold Egypt’s parliamentary elections soon, after Shura Council finalized political rights law.

Egypt Parliament Reassures Judges: Shura Council Aims to Protect Judiciary Independence

As Egypt’s Upper House approves further discussions of Judiciary Law amendments, Shura Council Speaker Fahmi assures judges everything is debatable and no-one seeks a massacre of judges.

Egypt Legislature Does Not Seek Clash with Judges; Awaits Judicial Authorities’ Suggestions

Egypt’s Parliament will discuss proposed judicial law amendments after judge’s recommendations are received on Saturday.

Egypt Shura Council to German Delegation: Community Dialogue Central to Law-Making

Upper House of Parliament assures visiting German lawmakers that the new NGO bill will be based on broad community-based dialogue.

Egypt Upper House Will Discuss Judicial Authority Law; No Approval Without Judges’ Views

Egypt lawmakers assure judges’ opinions will be taken into consideration as an amended judiciary law is debated and passed.

Egypt Parliament Approves Political Rights and Elections Laws

Upper house of Egyptian parliament gives initial approval for political rights law and the elections law on which upcoming legislative poll is to be conducted.

Freedom and Justice Party Demands Independent Investigations into Allegations of Rights Violations

Freedom and Justice Party leader Heshmat submits a formal request to Egypt Shura Council (upper house of parliament) demanding impartial inquiries into all cases of torture and fair punishment for

Tosson: All Electoral Law Proposals and Suggestions Will Be Carefully Studied

Egypt’s Shura Council Legislative Committee chief assures that all suggestions for the new House of Representative elections law and the law of political rights will be taken into consideration.

Shura Council Speaker: Gulf and Egyptian National Security are Interdependent

Shura Council (Egyptian Parliament’s second Chamber) receives Bahraini delegation, assures united endeavors against all threats to national security to both countries.

Freedom and Justice Party Seeks Consensus in Writing Egypt’s New Constitution

Katatni and Fahmi assert that Egypt’s most important document will be authored with participation of legal experts and will take views of Egyptians into consideration.