Ahmed Nazif


Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, the Peoples’ Representative

"Have mercy on the Egyptian people.. have mercy on the Egyptian people," roared Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, the then Secretary General of the Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc in the 2005 People’s

Travel ban and freeze slammed on former PM and 20 others

A new list from Egypt’s Prosecutor General with names of 23 persons banned from travelling or trading their assets was issued to the Stock Market.

Travel Ban and Frozen Assets for Three Former Corrupt Ministers

Corrupt leaders from the ousted Mubarak regime are banned from travelling as Egypt’s army chiefs shut down escape routes.

In Egypt, Democracy Is The Only Avenue To Economic Stability

Egypt's would-be revolution is causing not only a political earthquake, but an economic one as well.

Prime Minister Criticizes Foreign Involvement in Egypt’s Affairs

Egypt’s Prime Minister Dr. Ahmed Nazif addressed the people during a special television program entitled "A Special Meeting."

Monitors Call on Mubarak to Dissolve Parliament after Reports of Mass Rigging

Amid reports of violence and fraud, numerous organizations including the Egyptian Human Rights and Election Monitoring Groups did their best to record any violations and irregularities during Egypt's round two

Egyptian Government Dismisses US Concerns on Elections and Opposes Report on Religious Freedom

US Ambassador, Margaret Scobey repeated the US Department's calls for transparency during Egypt’s parliamentary elections Monday. She stressed the significance of international monitoring with international monitors.

Academics wonder if court ban on university guards be followed through

A recent court ruling barring guards and security personnel from university grounds is being celebrated by students, academics and intellectuals despite controversy about its enforcement.

MB bloc demands investigation into power outages over major cities

The Assistant Secretary General for the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, Dr. Hamdy Hassan, submitted a question to the Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif regarding the repeated power failure in 7 major

Sadat’s proposal for new party rejected by Cairo committee

An emergency law in force since Mubarak's coming into power has imposed certain restrictions on political activity in the country making it practically impossible to establish a new political party.