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Hassan: Gov’t has treaty obligation to accept int’l monitoring of HR violations

Dr. Hamdi Hassan, assistant secretary-general of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, criticized the Egyptian foreign ministery's handling of Khaled's Saeed's case,, after it summoned the EU ambassadors in protest of

U.N. report illustrates marginalizing of Egyptian youths in political participation.

The recent report issued by the U.N. Development Programme stated that the majority of the youths in Egypt had little faith in the electoral system.

Emergency law means more emergency for Egyptians

President Obama's press secretary, Robert Gibbs urged Egypt to complete its anti-terrorism legislation and repeal the emergency law which has been extended once again.

Opposition slams extended ’emergency law’

Opposition criticised the decision announced by the government to extend the 'emergency law' for 2 more years.

Egypt’s Mubarak undergoes ‘successful’ operation

Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak had a successful operation to remove his gall bladder on Saturday, a German hospital said, after handing over power at home to his prime minister while

Mubarak ‘Satisfactory’ Following Gallbladder Surgery

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is in a “satisfactory” condition after surgeons removed his gallbladder without complications, the physician who led the operating team and Egypt’s health minister said.

Al-Sakhawy:Azhar education will continue despite all suspicious movements against it

A state of outrage and extreme condemnation filled the atmosphere in the Azhar University following the resolution issued by Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb with a recommendation by Prime Minister Ahmad Nazeef

Report: Joint American-Palestinian torture of prisoners

The Guardian newspaper accused the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Palestinian Security officers of torturing members of Hamas in the West Bank.

Administrative Court to judge in 4 public opinion cases

The Egyptian public opinion anticipated verdicts concerning 4 cases which were to be heard by Judge Adel Farghali Chief Justice of the Administrative Court.

Egyptian women alliance against Mubarak succession plan

Over recent years, speculation has been rife that Mubarak, 81, is grooming his younger son Jamal, a banker-turned-politician, to take over after him. Both Mubaraks have repeatedly denied such claims.