Ahmed Nazif


Abdul Ghani: Government policies affect the underprivileged

Taimor Abdul Ghani, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc , submitted a questioning to the Prime Minister on news published in the newspapers which stated that nearly a

A parliamentary questioning on the neglect of stolen Egyptian antiquities

Dr. Hamdi Zahran, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc and Deputy of Beni Suef, condemned the government's disregard to make any serious attempts to retrieve the looted Egyptian

Mubarak silent on succession

The elderly Egyptian president’s silence on succession, even as a presidential vote approaches, has fuelled doubts over whether Hosni Mubarak has settled on a successor and will secure a smooth

In Egypt, succession worries prompting crackdown?

Egypt's long-ruling National Democratic Party opens its annual conference Friday, and party leaders are working hard to quell speculation about President Hosni Mubarak's intentions — and whether the way is

The Parliament Accuses Ministry of Education of Increasing Unemployment rates

Dr. Farid Ismalil, member of the MB Parliamentary bloc and Mp of Faqous constituency, denounced the arbitrary measures the Ministry of Education takes as it unjustly suspended a number of

Zakareya: Postponing of school year demonstrates once again the ruling party’s extreme negligence

MP Ibrahim Zakareya Younes, member of the MB Parliamentary Bloc and Education Committee in the Parliament, denounced the government's sudden decision to postpone the beginning of the school year another

Last Word: Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif

Our position is very clear. You need inclusion. You cannot just say, ’Hamas doesn’t exist. Since he was appointed to lead a mainly technocratic government in 2004, Egyptian Prime Minister

Habib’s Rebuttal to PM Statements About Muslim Brotherhood

Dr. Moahmed Habib, the First Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood responded to the Prime Minister statements. He made the following statement to Ikhwanweb "If anything the Egyptian government needs