Ahmed Shafiq


Law Experts: President Morsi Victory-Challenge Illegal

Ignoring all rules, laws, constitutional articles and established principles, a court in Egypt accepts a complaint from failed presidential candidate Shafiq challenging Morsi’s election victory.

Erian: Our Hands Are Extended to Build and safeguard This Homeland

Freedom and Justice party vice-chairman invites evidently losing presidential candidate Shafiq to concede defeat, in an honorable gesture that should greatly calm the turbulent waters of Egyptian politics.

Morsi Campaign Makes Confirmed Victory Data Available to All

Even though they are still ‘unofficial’, polling station vote tallies approved by presiding judges in 100% of Egypt’s provinces prove that Dr. Mohamed Morsi is undoubtedly the winner of Egypt’s

MP Suleiman: Runoff Results Prove Egyptians Abroad Refuse Old Regime Replication

With runoff counts of Egyptian expats’ ballots nearly finished, Morsi wins a landslide victory in the presidential elections, which some see as an indication of results to expect in voting

Beltagy: Shafiq’s Attempt to Cast Muslim Brothers as Murderers of Demonstrators Laughable

Brotherhood leader, Beltagy, files a complaint with Egypt’s attorney general against Ahmed Shafiq’s blatantly slanderous lies and false accusations made in a TV show.

Ghozlan Refutes Defunct Regime Remnants’ False Claims and Accusations

Brotherhood spokesman Mahmoud Ghozlan rejects Ahmed Shafiq’s slanderous attacks, claims and allegations against the venerable organization, proving who is the ne plus ultra of old guard hangovers.

Morsi Pledges to Martyrs’ Families a Re-Trial for Killers of Revolutionaries

Representative of Martyrs’ families give their trust and confidence to the Brotherhood’s presidential candidate, Dr. Morsi, to exact fair retribution against killers of their children during the revolution.

Press Release No. 12 of Dr. Morsi Central Campaign

Morsi’s presidential campaign pleads with media outlets to comply with basic professional principles of journalism and refrain from publishing or broadcasting as news unfounded fabricated fables from unreliable sources.

A Muslim Brotherhood win would resonate far beyond Egypt

The door to democracy is wide open. And what the movement does in power will have enormous influence on Islamists across the whole region.