Statement on Criminal Practices Against Muslim Brotherhood’s Chairman in Coup Prison

 The Muslim Brotherhood holds the coup authorities fully responsible for the life of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Chairman,  Dr. Mohamed Badie, and all detainees, especially the sick and the elderly, who

Zagazig Political Prisoners’ Plea As Hunger Strike Continues in Protest Against Repression

 Detainees held by Egypt coup authorities at the notorious Zagazig Main Prison have sent out a plea and protest message against the torture they currently suffer behind bars. They complain

Muslim Brotherhood: Message of Gratitude and Appreciation

 The Muslim Brotherhood expresses sincere thanks and gratitude to the masses of the Muslim nation, to the Islamic movements, associations and groups, to the political, intellectual and popular groups, to

Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Former Chairman Mohamed Mahdi Akef

The Muslim Brotherhood mourns Mohamed Mahdi Akef, the group’s seventh Chairman, who passed in the harsh dungeons of the ruthless military coup junta in Egypt after a long struggle with

Mohamed Mahdi Akef… Voice of Democracy, Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood

A highly respected moderate Muslim thinker and leader, Mohamed Akef is jailed on false charges by the military junta who showed no mercy despite his old age and serious illness.

Aisha Al-Shater: Lopsided Junta Justice Pampers Mubarak; Ignores Akef and Sultan Ill-Health

Al-Shater's daughter slams the military-controlled justice system which overindulges evidently corrupt tyrants like ousted Mubarak, while it turns a blind eye to the suffering of detained opponents.

Muslim Brotherhood Leaders and Morsi Supporters under Military Coup Repression

Coup authorities issue arrest warrants for top Freedom and Justice Party leaders, while they claim to seek broad-based national consensus.

Akef: Egypt’s Revival is Goal of Muslim Brotherhood and “Freedom and Justice”

Mahdi Akef, former Muslim Brotherhood Chairman, called upon the military (SCAF) to hand over power to civilians, as soon as possible, and to end the transitional period so life returns

MB Chairman and Delegation Visit Erdogan

A high profile delegation from the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) visited Turkey’s PM Ragab Tayyip Erdogan at his Cairo residence Wednesday.

No MB Candidate for Presidential Elections

A senior leader of the MB announced on Monday that the MB will not have a candidate to run for the upcoming presidential elections scheduled for November.