MB Calls on National Forces to Agree on a United Electoral List and a Presidential

Dr. Essam Al-Arian, Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman and member of the group’s Executive Bureau called on national forces to agree on a unified electoral list

Al-Arian: MB Will Contest 35% of Parliamentary Seats and No Need to Fear NDP

Media spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood, Dr. Essam Al-Arian said the group accepts the proposed constitutional amendments, citing that the country, at present, needs greater stability and to calm down

Opinion: Don’t fear the Muslim Brotherhood

Concerning Egypt: There is a meme taking root in the op-ed pages of power. "The Muslim Brotherhood is coming. Watch out!"

Magdy Ashour Ousted from the MB

Media spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood, Dr. Essam El-Erian, said Magdy Ashour has two choices; either he resigns from parliament or loses party membership after he attended the first session

Al-Arian: Brotherhood will Continue on its Way toward Free Elections Despite Government Repression

Dr Essam Al-Arian, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood Executive Bureau, has stressed that the Muslim Brotherhood is facing an unprecedented police crackdown that appears certain to weaken the political

Historic hearing for Ezzat and his colleagues

Counselor Mahmoud Khudairi, former Vice-President of the Court of Cessation, initiated the appeal for the defense emphasizing that the investigation transcripts used by the prosecution was merely lip service.

Brotherhood Elections, Arrests

Dr. Muhammad Badi’ is the new Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, according to an announcement made by his predecessor during a news conference on January 16.