Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman Condemns Assad Aleppo (Syria) Massacres

A press release from Ahmed Assem, Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman, on the latest massacre of civilians in Syria by Assad forces.

Governorates Across Egypt Protest Bashar Crimes After Friday Prayers

With Bashar Al-Assad’s crimes against humanity, against the Syrian people, continuing relentlessly, his war machine kills hundreds of citizens, mostly women and children, every day.

Al-Shater: Our Hands are Extended to All for Dialogue and Cooperation

The Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate for Egypt’s top job, Al-Shater, vows to honor international and bilateral agreements to which Egypt is signatory, while ambiguity on the political scene makes it difficult

El-Erian: Bashar’s End is Nigh; Syrian Opposition Must Unite

In a joint meeting of the Egyptian People’s Assembly Committees of Arab Affairs and Foreign Relations, Vice Chairman of the FJP warns Syrians against the perils of sliding into a

Brotherhood Students in Egypt Demand Bashar’s Ouster, Syrian Revolution Support

Egyptian students vow support for Syrian Revolution against bloody Bashar’s murderous militias and demand Egypt deals more adequately and forcefully with the tyrannical Syrian regime.

Heshmat Welcomes Recall of Egyptian Ambassador to Syria; Demands Bashar Departure

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry has urgently summoned Shawky Ismail, the Egyptian Ambassador to Damascus. Amr Rushdie, a spokesman for the Ministry and Minister Plenipotentiary, said, “On Sunday morning, the Minister

Egyptian Parliament Calls for Vision on Relationship With Iran in Light of Syrian Revolution Stance

The Foreign Relations Committee of the Egyptian People’s Assembly (PA), headed by its Chairman Dr. Essam El-Erian, Vice Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), Recommended that the Foreign

FJP Expresses Concerns to Chinese Officials Following Syria UN Resolution’s Veto

Assistant Secretary General for the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), Osama Yasin emphasized that Chinese government must realize It has lost much of its credit with the Arab world after

Badie: Preparations Underway for Sixth All-Party Conference for Egypt

In a news conference after casting his vote in the second phase of Shura Council (SC) elections, Muslim Brotherhood's Chairman, Dr. Mohamed Badie, underscored the importance of voting in the

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood Calls For Expulsion of Syria’s Ambassador

As the terrorist regime of Bashar Al-Assad's destroys buildings and houses on top of its inhabitants without differentiating between men, women and children, the world sadly remains silent witnessing these