Opinion Leaders: National Dialogue Sessions Aid Presidential Bid for Consensus, Democracy

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi persistently seeks open and genuine national dialogue, with full participation of the widest spectrum of political forces, groups and movements.

Egypt Presidency: Consensus on New Constitutional Declaration to Replace November Decrees

Egyptian President Morsi replaces November Decrees with new Constitutional Declaration, but presses on for referendum on new charter, promising a new Constituent Assembly if constitution is voted down.

FJP Leader Urges Egyptian Islamists Practice Politics and “Rationalize” Their Discourse

Secretary General of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Saad El-Katatny criticized the political discourse of some Islamic groups currently on the scene, saying that it needs to be rationalized,

Egypt’s Copt crisis is one of democracy

Its are the origin of this country … we treat the guests who came and lived here nicely … but we are ready to die as martyrs if anyone touches

94 year old Abdul Khalek’s Doctoral thesis awarded Honorary Degree

The Faculty of Law, Cairo University, in one of science and academic wonders, awarded researcher Mohamed Farid Abdel Khaliq 94, one of the Muslim Brotherhood's first generation a PhD with

International conference discussing reform at the Arab League headquarters in Cairo.

On Monday October 19th, the Arab League headquarters in Cairo hosted an international conference discussing "the future of reform in the Islamic world" which aimed at sharing experiences with Turkish