Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls ‘Complete Our Revolution, Liberate Our Aqsa’ Protest Week

Egypt's broadbased anti-coup coalition calls on all patriotic Egyptians to join a Friday protest rally at Al-Azhar Mosque.

Junta Court Deals Out Rigorous Imprisonment Terms to 64 University Students in Egypt

A pro-military court sentences anti-coup students (including 10 females) to prison terms of one to seven years, slamming them with fines amounting to LE2,160,000 (US$284,000) and 5-year probation orders each,

Anti-Coup Alexandria Student Death Triggers Wide Protests On Campus

Omar Al-Sharif, the first student movement fatality in the new academic year, succumbs to wounds caused by junta forces live ammunition at university.

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Praises Persistent Peaceful Anti-Coup Students Action

Egypt's nationwide coalition against junta repression urges continued commitment to non-violence in all protest action and activity, despite all provocations.

Pro-Legitimacy Anti-Coup National Alliance: Students Lead the Revolution

Egypt’s pro-democracy coalition invites all Egyptians to a mass rally Tuesday in solidarity with student protesters.

Freedom and Justice Party Condemns Security Forces Storming Al-Azhar University Dormitory

Egypt’s FJP strongly criticizes the military coup’s security apparatus which killed two students and injured at least 40 more as it viciously attacked a protest at Azhar University dormitory.

Egypt Student Movement Continues Peaceful Revolution Against Coup

Student movement holds a series of nonviolent demonstrations across Egypt, notwithstanding the military-installed government’s murderous repression.

Egypt Pro-Democracy Coalition Salutes Students, Calls for November 4 Major Rallies

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy Alliance salutes brave Egyptian youth, the mainstay of the revolution, and affirms that November 4 will be unprecedented in revolutionary history.

Student and FJP Leaders Reject Coup Government, Vow to Continue Protests Untill Democracy Restored

The Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm, the FJP, and students gathered in the huge pro-democracy, pro-legitimacy sit-in in East Cairo’s Rabaa Al-Adaweya Square refuse to recognize the illegitimate putschist cabinet.

Student Unions Conference: Will Talk to World Universities to Expose Military Coup Crimes

Egypt’s student unions hold pro-democracy, anti-coup conference and vow to use all prudent endeavors to expose the repression and crimes of coup masters and collaborators against students.