Junta Interior Ministry Continues to Hold Four Muslim Brotherhood Leaders At Secret Locations

After their forced disappearance a week ago, four Muslim Brotherhood leaders are still missing, held hostage by military junta authorities.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Violent Attack on Helmi Mosque in Sharqiya Province

Despite daily vicious attacks on Muslim Brotherhood meetings, rallies, homes, shops and HQs, the group reiterates its commitment to a peaceful discourse that builds and constructs.

Muslim Brotherhood: Egyptian People Condemn Coup against Elected President

Although it accepts that acting as an opposition is a constitutional right for all citizens, the Muslim Brotherhood denounces use of violence and thuggery under any pretext.

Brotherhood: Congratulating Copts on Feasts and Festivals Strengthens Fabric of Society

Prominent Brotherhood leader refutes media myths by reaffirming that Sharia (Islamic law) allows Muslims to congratulate Christians on special occasions, fasts and feasts.

Al-Barr: Muslim Brotherhood Urges Political Forces to Compete in Service of All Egyptians

Muslim Brotherhood leader Al-Barr invites all opposition forces to shun mindless violence and engage in community service competition.

Alexandria Welcomes Brotherhood and FJP Presidential Candidate

Presidential candidate Mohamed Morsi meets with Egyptian Salafist Da’wa (outreach) leading sheikhs, 800 businessmen and entrepreneurs, and 20,000 Egyptian citizens in a popular conference held in Alexandria as part of

Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Reject SCAF’s Interference in Legislation

Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders rejected the Military Council's (SCAF) ratifying of bill number 13 issued January 19, that could reform Al-Azhar's independence law, saying SCAF no longer has legislative powers

Al-Barr To U.S. Ambassador: Egyptians Demand US Respects Democracy, Protects Freedoms

Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Barr, member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Guidance Bureau and Dean of Al-Azhar University’s Faculty of Theology and Da’wa (Islamic reach-out) in Mansoura, stressed that the Egyptian people

Egypt: Court overrules Ezzat’s appeal

The Misdemeanor's Court in Cairo overruled the appeal filed by the MB's defense team to released Dr Ezzat, the MB deputy Chairman and his colleagues and renewed their detention on