President Morsi Issues Decree Scrapping Preventive Detention in Cases of Publishing Offenses

Egypt’s newly-inaugurated president Mohamed Morsi uses his first decree with the force of law to annul preventive detention for journalists in crimes related to publishing, thus securing the release of

Freedom and Justice Party Sues Al-Dostour Newspaper for Slanderous Fabrications

Dr. Erian calls upon Egyptian media to commit to professional standards of truth and accuracy in stories they report about the Freedom and Justice Party and its eminent leaders.

WikiLeaks: Officials behind stock market collapse

A document sent from the US Embassy in Cairo to the US State Department, released by the WikiLeaks website, said an article that appeared on March 23 in the maverick

Egypt’s media ban effects independent satellite channels

Egypt's ruling regime has announced the suspension of 12 satellite channels, renowned for their religious themes and warned 20 other channels concerning their alleged incitement to religious hatred, unlicensed medical

Independent papers follow closely MB issues

With elections approaching independent newspapers are primarily interested in bringing across the facts relaying Egypt 's electoral atmosphere with the standoff between the NDP and the Muslim Brotherhood occupying the

Critics say new text-messaging rules target pre-election political opposition

The Ministry of Communications this week announced new restrictions pertaining to the use of text messaging for the dissemination of cellphone news alerts.

Egypt: Eissa Firing “Without a Doubt Political”

In an opinion article in Al Masry Al Youm, Hassan Nafaa writes: “Al-Dostour’s recently dismissed chief editor, Ibrahim Eissa, was not fired due to ordinary disputes over administrative or editorial

UPDATE Egypt: Dismissal of Independent paper’s Chief Editor

News of the dismissal of Al- Dostour newspaper's chief editor Ibrahim Issa was posted earlier on the paper's electronic website.

ElBaradei denounces family photo smear campaign

Egypt's most serious presidential challenger has accused President Hosni Mubarak's government of posting Facebook photos of his daughter in a swimsuit in an attempt to discredit him, a local newspaper

MB: Regime’s attempts to thwart MB and NAC’s online petition are doomed to failure

Dr. Essam El-Arian a member of the Muslim Brotherhood's Executive Bureau, and head of the MB Political Section emphasized that any attempts to question the authenticity of the signatures collected