MB welcomes dialogue with the West without preconditions

The Muslim Brotherhood is open to talking with Western governments, without preconditions, especially after French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe asserted his country's readiness for an open dialogue with Islamist movements

MB calls on Arab League to intervene in Libya

A prominent member of the Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood’s Executive Bureau has called on the Arab League and Arab countries to intervene in Libya to end the crisis, but warns the

Al-Arian: Brotherhood will Continue on its Way toward Free Elections Despite Government Repression

Dr Essam Al-Arian, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood Executive Bureau, has stressed that the Muslim Brotherhood is facing an unprecedented police crackdown that appears certain to weaken the political

Al-Erian: MB’s visit with Ghad Party has nothing to do with supporting Ayman Nour in

MB convening with the Ghad Party, solely discussed political reform and constitutional amendments and not support for potential presidential candidates.

Can Obama erase ‘Bush nostalgia’ in the Middle East?

Obama has reverted to Clinton-era policies in the Middle East. But Arab reformers are nostalgic for something more like Bush’s “freedom agenda,” which helped usher in a promising moment for

Opposition crackdown in Egypt heats up before polls

Egypt's largest opposition movement, the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, is once again facing a crackdown by authorities. Some 150 members are under arrest, according to the group, and more arrests are

Egypt crackdown on Brotherhood leaders.

CAIRO, Egypt — leading figures in Egypt 's opposition Muslim Brotherhood and two other top figures

Egypt arrests 3 top leaders and other senior members of the Muslim Brotherhood opposition

The No. 2 leader of Egypt's opposition Muslim Brotherhood and two other top figures have been arrested by police Monday in a dawn sweep targeting members of the nation's most

Breaking news: Chairman appoints deputies and press spokesmen.

Newly elected Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has announced the names of his selected deputies and press spokesmen.

Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr Mohamed Badie mourned the death of Dr. Ali Sabri

Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr Mohamed Badie mourned the death of Dr. Ali Sabri, a renowned Civil Engineers Professor and consulting engineer who passed away yesterday evening