Egypt: New Wave Of Detentions Involving MB Members In Beni Suef

The Egyptian security agencies on Saturday August 26, 2006, raided houses of four Muslim Brotherhood members in Beni Suef Governorate, Upper Egypt, detaining them and confiscated books and personal properties.

17 MB Members Arrested Including Group’s General Secretary

17 members of the Muslim Brotherhood were arrested today including two senior members. Dr. Mahmoud Ezzat, the Muslim Brotherhood General Secretary and Mr. Lasheen Abu Shanab, member of the MB

MB Leaders Remain In Custody After Gov’t Appealed Court Rulling

The Arab Human Rights Web released a statement on Thursday August 17, 2006, a copy of which was posted to Ikhwanweb. In its statement, the agency expressed its strong discontent

Court Orders Morsi and Al-Erian Released

An Egyptian court ordered the release of several MB leaders including Dr. Essam Al-erian and Dr. Mohamed Morsy as well as nine others who had been detained in several cases including

Egypt: MB Leader Banned From Travel

The Egyptian authorities on Saturday August 12, 2006 banned MB leader Dr. Ali Abdul Fattah from traveling to Beirut with a delegation affiliated to the Doctors’ Syndicate Relief Committee, although Abdul

Two Fabricated Cases for 18 MB Leaderships

The High State Security Prosecution decided to refer to trial 18 MB leaderships on trumped up charges, one of them relates to an MB- run political research office, while the

Detention Extended for Two Prominent MB Members

The Higher State Security Prosecution on Saturday July 1, 2006, decided to extend for another 15 days the detention of 43 Muslim Brotherhood members including former members of parliament Dr. Esam el

Two Hundred Members of The MB Detained, Ten Injured

State Security Court in Zagazig Monday 12-6- 2006 released prominent MP figure Dr. Hassan el Hayawan who faced charges of belonging to an "illegal" organization i.e the Muslim Brotherhood .The

Morsy, Al-Erian, 500 MB and Kefaya Activists Arrested

Security forces continued its vicious and unmerciful attacks against peaceful demonstrators this morning while expressing their solidarity with the judges. Police arrested 500 activists from different political forces and members

260 People jailed for Humiliating the President During Protests

The state prosecutor sentenced 260 protestors, arrested during last Thursday’s peaceful demonstrations, to 15 days in prison with the possibility of extension after being held in contempt to the president