Al Fayyum University


Sawasya Centre For Human Rights Calles on Mubarak to Release Fayoum Students

Swaseya Centre for Human Rights and Countring Anti-Descrimination has issued a statement in which it condemned what was faced by Fayoum students of arrests, dismissals and administrative investigations in the

Haqqi Centre Urges International Organizations to Defend MB Students

“Haqqi Centre For Human Rights” in their issued statement today titled “Save Fayoum Student”, has condemned the circumistances to which detained Fayoum students were exposed to.

Re-arrest of Four Students from Fayoum After Being Released

The Ministry of Interior has issued a decision to arrest the four students from Fayoum who were arrested on grounds of the recent incidents in Fayoum University. The Ministry of

Fayyoum Students Launch Campaign For Release of Detained Colleagues

As part of the campaign to release their detained colleagues, a group of Fayyoum students announced Tuesday, April 21, their aim of gathering 5,000 signatures for their petition condemning the

Administrative Court Overturns Dismissals of 18 University Students

The Administrative Court issued a ruling of canceling Al Fayyum University decision of dismissing 18 students for a month and canceling ensuing measures

5 Students From Al Fayyum Faculty of Education Dismissed

Dr. Youssef Sayed Mahmoud, the dean of Al Fayyum Faculty of Education issued the decision a decision of dismissing 5 students in the faculty, including a female student, for a

17 Studens From Al Fayyum University Dismissed One Month

17 students from Al Fayyum university, west of Cairo, were dismissed after they organized a large Islamic artistic party that drew more than 1000 students on Tuesday April, 17, 2007