Blogging for freedom

A report from Al-Jazeera International on MB detainees’ families blogging to make their voices heard…

Al Zawahiri Should Reconsider Political Views on Hamas – Hamdan

Hamdan attacked Al Zawahiri"s statements fiercely because these criticisms against Hamas movement are coming from a person who does not know any facts or information about the situation on the

Abu Marzouk: Hamas Rejects Al Zawahri Statements

Al Zawahri Urges Hamas Reject Elections Abu Marzouk Says Hamas never Abandoned Rational Resistance Ayman Al-Zawahiri said that " Conspiracies are woven in Palestine against the concept of jihad", accusing

Interview With Waddah Khanfar, Al-Jazeera General Manager

Waddah Khanfr is a name which is unknown for many people, but they- unknowingly- follow up him in a way or another .. !! Waddah, who is almost 40 years

Pro-Israeli Editors Seek To Influence Al-Jazeera English Channel

Khalid Amayreh uncovers some of the hidden policies at Al Jazeera English website which, if proven true, will be a major disappointment for millions of Arabs and Muslims throughout the