Syrian YouTube Video Mocking Hezbollah and Ahmadinejad Gains Popularity in Egypt

Hezbollah’s leader Hassan Nasrallah's support for Bashar Al-Assad outraged many across the Arab and the Muslim world.

The MB Stands for Justice and Freedom

The Muslim Brotherhood condemned the assassination of Osama bin Laden stressing that every person who is accused of a crime has the right to be put on trial.

My advice to Egypt

The New Year bombing in Alexandria, which killed as many as 25 innocent people, nearly all of them Christian Copts, shocked Egypt and the Arab world. It infuriated Christians and

Investigation Underway as Egyptian Government Blames Foreign Actors in Bombing

Seven people are being held for questioning over the New Year's bombing of the church in the city of Alexandria while 10 others have been released, according to officials.

Politicians: Alexandria ‘s Church Bombing Reveals Serious Security Breach and al-Qaeda Bears Full Responsibility

Political experts emphasized that Al-Qaeda is behind the terrorist bomb blast in front of Alexandria 's Church of Saints , and they have ruled out the possibility that the terrorists

Haneyya sends messages to foil Israeli military escalation

Palestinian premier Ismail Haneyya has sent messages to Arab and international parties in a bid to thwart Israeli attempts to justify new aggressions on the Gaza Strip.

Egyptians Show Solidarity in Upcoming Protest

Following Al-Qaeda's threats to Coptic Christians Egyptian churches are prohibiting visitor parking on their grounds.

Time for Muslims to take a stand against hatred

Helen of Troy launched a thousand ships, and of course, a war. The recent acrimony surrounding the disputed conversions of two Coptic women in Egypt is not the stuff of

Iraq: 52 Killed In Retaliation For Quran-Burnings In US

Iraq’s security problems continue to be severe, if not generally crippling the way they were in 2006, as underlined by Sunday’s guerrilla takeover of a Baghdad church and the subsequent

The Idiocy of the Anti-Sharia Crowd

For those following the idiotic allegations that Sharia is creeping into American society and wonder who speaks for Islam, I think the answer is obvious.