Beyond Islamists

This nagging issue just will not go away: How do local or foreign governments best deal with leading Islamist groups in the Middle East and South Asia? Do you engage,

All Terrorists are Muslims…Except the 94% that Aren’t

CNN recently published an article entitled Study: Threat of Muslim-American terrorism in U.S. exaggerated; according to a study released by Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel

Who is bombing in Iraq?

Christopher King argues that it is likely that the American CIA – or Israel acting on its behalf – is responsible for recent atrocities in Iraq, in order to extend

When will Israel attack the USA again?

There lies our national security challenge as the groundwork is being laid for another 911.

Headlines from the region

A Moroccan man who spread al-Qaeda propaganda from his Quebec apartment and dreamed of blowing himself up in an overseas terrorist attack was sentenced to life in prison yesterday, matching

Headlines from the region

Meditel Morocco inks Rotana Media deal Reuters reported on Monday that Moroccan mobile operator Medi Telecom (Meditel) on Friday

Islam can not always be blamed.

Somewhere along the line somebody confused the peaceful Islamist group the Muslim Brotherhood Movement with the Al-Qaeda concocting a peculiar cocktail.

Yemen: The Backstory

The United States may be on the verge of involvement in yet another counterinsurgency war that, as in Iraq and Afghanistan, may make a bad situation even worse.

The End of Al-Qaeda

Al-Qaeda is spent as an ideological force in the Arab and Muslim world, so we might as well come out and say it, and, hopefully, act like it too.

War on Four Fronts

Many experts believe that provoking the West into attacking Muslim countries is precisely al-Qaeda’s strategy.