War Crimes Commission Hears Graphic Accounts of US Torture From Former Detainees

The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission today heard harrowing testimonies about the atrocities committed against the Guantanamo Bay detainees, which included psychological torture and routine humiliation.

Youssef Nada speaks

At the end of September Youssef Nada's name was removed from the United Nations Security Council's terrorism watch list.

Workshop in Cairo discusses Al-qaeda’s future.

Political guests and researchers convened in Cairo to discuss the Al-Qaeda Movement on September 30. The seminar was attended by a number of researchers interested in studying the Islamic movements

On the brink of implosion

What became of the Arab state? In one way or another, argues Khalil El-Anani*, it has managed not just to fail, but to fail miserably

Sooner or later justice will prevail: Youssef Nada’s name lifted from terrorist list

The Swiss Foreign Ministry announced that the UN Security Council has at last removed the name of Egyptian businessman Youssef Nada from the list of suspected supporters of terrorism due

Assad: Our aim is to eliminate terror not to take revenge.

The Brotherhood highlighted issues mainly demanding a general amnesty for thousands of Brotherhood members still in detention claiming that their only expectation from the Assad regime is to "acknowledge democratic,

Al-Oadah’s message to al-Zawahiri: How long will you persist in this policy of bloodshed?

Sheikh Salman bin Fahad al-Oadah – General Supervisor of IslamToday – during the eighth memorial of the September 11 tragedies, addressed a message to al-Qaeda's second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahiri, who is

Blogger Fight: Syria! (Updated)

Saturday finds the young guns of Foreign Policy Watch duking it out with Syria Today founder Andrew Tabler, who published an article on the Web site of Foreign Policy (the

Bouthaina Shaaban: The Ugly face of my Homeland

My homeland : a place I never lived in, a place I have visited three times as child each time no more than 3 weeks.

Editorial: Not In Defense of Obama

Ayman Zawahri’s latest video release ahead of Obama’s victory comes as another episode in a series of hate speeches that further defame Al-Qaeda’s image more than it actually sends any