Al-Quds institution documents 34 excavation sites around Aqsa Mosque

Al-Quds international institution said in a yearly report that there are 34 Israeli excavation sites around the Aqsa Mosque for the building of tunnels, 21 are still active and the

After Mubarak

Walking through the sweltering heat of the city’s streets, a visitor sees few signs that change is on the way in Egypt. Outdated posters of a young Hosni Mubarak –

Jewish Settler website attacks, incites against Palestinian journalist

An Israeli news-and-views website affiliated with the Nazi-minded Gush Emunim movement.

IOA to open Jewish museum adjacent to Aqsa Mosque

A Palestinian source in occupied Jerusalem warned that the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) intends to open the museum of the temple a few meters away from the western façade of

Palestinians Need Change — Not Charades

Mahmoud Abbas should cut short his silly little melodrama, resign as he said he would, and pave the way for a needed revival of effective Palestinian national leadership, says Rami

Kaddoumi: Abbas is lying about his intention not to run for elections

Farouk Al-Kaddoumi, a senior Fatah leader, stated Saturday that Mahmoud Abbas is lying to the Palestinian people about his intention not to run for presidential elections, affirming that Abbas would

The Aqsa Movement

Despite the iron-fist policies of unpopular Arab leaders—buttressed by imperial Western nations—the popular outbursts witnessed in the aftermath of the sacrilegious storming of the Al-Aqsa Mosque once again symbolized a


MB Chair Mohamed Mahdi Akef will be addressing the nation today, Wednesday, at 1 p.m. on the latest Israeli threats of a new war on Gaza. The address will be

MB Chair To the Arab-Islamic People

The criminal offensive in Gaza has not ended. Since the Israelis were forced to stop their military offensive without achieving any of their goals, a few military harassments here and

An interview with Marwan Barghouthi

This interview was originally published by Yedioth Ahronoth in Hebrew; it has been translated by Diana Buttu of The Institute for Middle East Understanding.