Aisha Al-Shater Condemns Coup Lynching of Azhar University Female Student

Many scenes of unprecedented coup forces brutality against female students at universities across Egypt have offended all citizens, even staunch coup supporters.

Al-Shater Daughters 19-Hour Ordeal at Egypt Airport by ‘special’ decree

Muslim Brotherhood Vice-Chairman Al-Shater's daughters suffer 19-hour ordeal at hands of military junta security forces who prevent them from leaving Egypt.

Aisha Al-Shater: Allegations of 5-Star Detainee Treatment Utter Lies

The daughter of Muslim Brotherhood leader Al-Shater rejects claims of peace and tranquility at junta jails, made by a senior prison official, as baseless propaganda.

Aisha Al-Shater: Lopsided Junta Justice Pampers Mubarak; Ignores Akef and Sultan Ill-Health

Al-Shater's daughter slams the military-controlled justice system which overindulges evidently corrupt tyrants like ousted Mubarak, while it turns a blind eye to the suffering of detained opponents.

Saad Al-Shater: Oppression Will Not Stop Us Working in Homeland, Serving People

Following Sunday's vindictive move by coup commanders and collaborators to seize – confiscate and shutter – Al-Shater's chain of stores, Al-Shater's son affirms his family will not regret sacrifices.

Coup Forces Seize Al-Shater Stores, Throw Hundreds of Workers onto Street

Al-Shater's daughter condemns the latest ferocious vindictive crime by coup commanders and collaborators against opposition leaders and honorable businessmen.

Al-Shater Family Reject as False Al-Sisi Claims About Detained Muslim Brotherhood Vice-Chairman

Khairat Al-Shater's family issue a statement in which they refute serious allegations by Al-Sisi against the Muslim Brotherhood leader.

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Member Salah Sultan Message from Junta Jail: Steadfast to the End

University Professor Salah Sultan, currently detained by the military junta, affirms he and his prison mates are in high spirits despite evident 'slow death' tactics and torture by coup authorities.

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Al-Shater and 450 Tora Prison Detainees on Hunger Strike

A number of Muslim Brotherhood leaders and President Mohamed Morsi’s aides and advisers, currently detained in Egypt’s notorious Tora Prison, start a hunger strike in protest at conditions inside the

Brotherhood Chairman Vows Continued Work for Egypt Freedom Even in Hardship, Tragedy

Although heinous coup security forces shot his son dead with live bullets to the head and eye, and although he is still being held captive in the junta’s jails, Mohamed