Muslim Brotherhood in Beheira Condemns Abduction of Leader Mohamed Suwaidan

 The Muslim Brotherhood in Beheira province rejects the brutal repressive measures that took place Tuesday morning (August 8) in a vengeful raid by coup security forces on the house of

National Alliance: Coup Regime Policies Led to Economic Collapse

 Day after a day, the military coup regime in Egypt causes more and more tragic disasters. Its economic crimes against the homeland is matched only by its crimes and violations

Muslim Brotherhood Marks Treacherous Coup Murder Mandate, Manassah Massacre Anniversary

 Twenty-four hours separated the Manassah (Podium) massacre (July 27, 2013) and the junta’s murder mandate Friday (July 26, 2013), in which the traitorous murderer Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi asked for an imprimatur

Freedom for Esraa Khaled

Detained on false charges for almost 19 months to-date, Esraa Saeed is to appear in court Monday, accused of a number of absurd and farcical crimes.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Egyptian Islands Court Ruling.

 The Administrative Court issued its ruling affirming Egypt’s entitlement to the red sea islands of Tiran and Sanafir sold by the treasonous coup regime in a traitorous deal that betrayed

Morsi Supply Minister Bassem Ouda: Never Sold Off Any Egyptian Islands! Why Am I in

Symbols of Egypt's January 2011 Revolution are seen – and heard – Tuesday in a court session in their trial, the so-called Rabaa Sit-In case, in which heavily-armed coup forces

National Alliance Urges Mass Protests Friday Against Junta Selling Out Egypt

The pro-democracy nation-wide anti-coup coalition denounces the military-appointed regime for giving away Egyptian territories.

Anti-Coup Alliance Calls ‘Unflinching Revolution’ Week of Non-Violent Protest Action

Egypt's broadbased pro-democracy coalition exhorts all Egyptians – individuals, groups and organizations – for revolutionary unity in mass anti-coup protests Friday.

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Calls ‘Fulfilling the Revolution’ Protest Week

Egypt's nationwide anti-coup coalition reiterates that Egypt's current predicament and crises can only be solved through completion of the January 25, 2011 Revolution, in order to oust the military junta

Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls For More Protests Against Fumbling Junta

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance reiterates its commitment to complete the January 2011 Revolution, oust the junta and exact retribution from all coup criminals and collaborators.