Press Statement on the Death Sentences Issued Against 20 Citizens in Alexandria and Qalubiyah

Catastrophic events are happening in Egypt: economic collapse, the war of impoverishing and starving the people, as well as campaigns of opinion suppression, mouths muzzling and arresting every voice calling

Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman’s Statement on the Arrest of Three Women in Alexandria, Monday

The following is a press statement by the Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman, Dr Talaat Fahmi, on the arrest of 3 women in Alexandria, on Monday November 27, 2017 “It is the

Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Execution Verdicts of 29 Innocent Egyptians by Military Court

The unjust military court sentences issued Monday in Alexandria and Ismailia, which condemned to death 29 innocent civilians, who had been kidnapped and subjected to forced disappearance and then had

Number of the ‘Disappeared’ Doubles in Egypt

Latest human rights reports indicate a sharp rise in the number of Egyptian citizens subjected to enforced disappearance by coup junta forces. According to these reports, students "Abdullah Hassan Ahmed

Muslim Brotherhood Extends Condolences to Victims of Deadly Alexandria Train Accident

 May God grant peace and mercy to the innocent lives of the struggling Egyptians who returned to Him, to complain of injustice, tyranny, negligence and corruption. At least 60 Egyptians

Muslim Brotherhood in Beheira Condemns Abduction of Leader Mohamed Suwaidan

 The Muslim Brotherhood in Beheira province rejects the brutal repressive measures that took place Tuesday morning (August 8) in a vengeful raid by coup security forces on the house of

Bastawi Family’s Appeal: Save Saleh from Violent Death Under Torture

 The family of Saleh Bastawi, abducted by Egyptian authorities, received news he suffered a heart attack, bleeding and fracture of his right arm as a result of torture. Saleh Bastawi,

Alex Detainees Families Exhort Authorities to Stop Violations, Atrocities Against Political Prisoners

 The families of detainees at Borg Al-Arab Prison in western Alexandria – exiled in Gamsa Prison but transferred back to Borg recently to complete procedures of appeals filed against the

National Alliance Statement on Coup Interior Ministry Crimes in Attack on Alexandria Peaceful Protest

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance in Alexandria condemns the brutal attack on the peaceful march by Abu Suleiman residents in eastern Alexandria, where coup security forces used excessive force and

Torture, Humiliation in Junta’s Borg Al-Arab Prison: No Food, Water, Medicine or Electricity

Rights group calls upon Egypt's top prosecutor to end Borg jail's inhuman practices which violate the law and international treaties.