Press Coordination Committee: Aljazeera Journalists Must Be Released Along with 90 Other Journalists

Anti-coup media coordination group urges release of imprisoned Aljazeera journalists and well over 90 other media professionals unjustly jailed in junta dungeons for more than a year.

Pro-Legitimacy Alliance: No Retribution 500 Days After Rabaa, Nahda Massacres by Coup Forces

Egypt's Anti-Coup Alliance condemns junta justice for failing to prosecute and punish perpetrators 500 days after the horrendous Rabaa and Nahda massacres.

With ‘Aljazeera Mubasher – Egypt’ TV Shuttered, Pro-Revolution TV Channels Persist

Anti-coup media coordination group expresses hope that after the closure of Aljazeera Mubasher-Egypt TV, pro-Revolution channels will suffice.

Press Release: Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Arrest of Al Jazeera English Journalists in Cairo

The Muslim Brotherhood condemns the arrest of three Aljazeera English journalists today under ludicrous charges of being part of a "Muslim Brotherhood cell".

Tunisia’s Ennahda Pledges Support For Tourism Sector

Tunisia's Ennahda movement pledged to guarantee civil liberties for all Tunisian men and women, including freedoms of opinion, association, religion and belief, in an effort to dispel concerns about the

FJP: Roadmap Welcome Despite Flaws

Freedom and Justice Party leader Dr. Mohamed Beltagy welcomed the long awaited announcement of a timeline for the elections, although he believed there were some flaws in the decree

FJP Youth: Reinstating of the Emergency Law a Step in the Wrong Direction

A large number of youth groups organised a massive demonstration in Beheira governorate Monday, protesting against decisions made by Egypt's interim ruler the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF)

Flagman: That’s The Least I Can Do!

“Every adventurer takes the pleasure” that was the first sentence Ahmed ElShahat, or flagman, uttered when he climbed down the Israeli embassy building after replacing the Israeli flag with the

Poll Reveals 46% of Voters Choose FJP in Parliamentary Elections

An opinion poll conducted by Aljazeera Mubasher satellite TV revealed that when asked to decide what party they will vote for in the upcoming parliamentary elections nearly 50% of viewers

Qaradawi denounces decree calling for boycott of “United Nations”

President of theInternational Association of Muslim Scholars Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi opposed the call by Sheik Mubaraki from Saudi Arabia to boycott the United Nations.