AlKarama for Human Rights Threatens to File a Complaint to the UN against Egypt

AlKarama for Human Rights threatened to address the UN regarding what it called “suppression of the opposition” and intellectuals and trying them before exceptional courts in violation of international conventions

Egypt: Student held in secret detention more than a year

Alkarama today submitted the case of Mr Mohamed Aouda to the Special Rapporteur on Torture and the Working Group on Enforced and Involuntary Disappearances.

Syrian Haithem Al-Maleh to receive 2010 Alkarama Award for Human Rights Defenders

Haithem Al-Maleh , prominent Syrian human rights defender and lawyer, will be the recipient of the Alkarama Award 2010 for Human Rights Defenders.

Syria: Prominent human rights lawyer delivered unfair sentence

A prominent Syrian human rights lawyer, was sentenced by Damascus' Military Court to three years imprisonment on charges of "weakening national sentiment". Alkarama condemns the unfair sentence and calls for

Egypt: Torture at the Hands of SSI in Banha

On 28 April 2010, Nasr Al-Sayed Hassan Nasr, 52, presented himself to the State Security Investigative (SSI) services in his home town of Banha and was immediately arrested. He was

Egypt: Mohamed Khairat Al-Shatar, victim of military tribunal and 10 years arbitrary detention

Civilians being referred to military tribunals has become a key facet of President Hosni Mubarak's rule over the last 28 years. Where human rights violations occur on a regular basis,

Syria: Ayat Issam Ahmed is disappeared and tortured by Political Security agents in Damascus

Ayat Issam Ahmed, a university student from Damascus, was arrested on 18 October 2009, after receiving a summons to appear at the Political Security branch in Al-Fayha, Damascus, where she

Egypt: Alkarama marks anniversary of harsh MB military sentences

The National Committee for the Defence of Prisoners of Conscience will be organizing a seminar on Wednesday April 28, at the headquarters of Alkarama Party.

Alkarama Report: European States confronted with Impunity

In the face of ongoing impunity across the Arab World, Alkarama has published a detailed report on how to use universal jurisdiction in Europe to prosecute those responsible for torture,

Egypt: Human rights activist and journalist, Hamdi Taha arrested in Aswan

Repressive measures against journalists and human rights activist have now become common currency in Egypt, where neither domestic nor international laws are respected.