Democratic Alliance to Nominate 100 Public Figures in Upcoming Elections

The Electoral Coordination Committee of the Democratic Alliance for Egypt agreed at its second meeting Saturday at the Freedom and Justice Party headquarters to form two sub-committees; the first one

SCAF Confirms Elections Will Be Held as Planned

Insisting on ending the transitional period and handing over power Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces SCAF has confirmed that elections will be run as scheduled. It stressed they

Dr. Morsy: Four Messages from the Million Man Demo for Trial and Cleansing

Dr. Mohamed Morsy, media spokesman and member of the MB Executive Bureau, stressed that the participation of the Egyptian people in the demonstrations shows that the Egyptian people are alert

Ex-interior minister charged with murder

Egypt's public prosecutor charged ex-interior minister Habib al-Adly and other officials with aiding the murder and the attempted murder of hundreds of protesters during the uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak

MB Statement on Referendum’s Outcome

In an unprecedented democratic scene which Egypt has missed throughout the last 60 years, millions took to the streets to freely express their will in a referendum on amending the

Yes – No scenario explained

A constitutional declaration is expected to be issued following the announcement of the referendum results.

Dialogue Opening in Jordan

The Muslim Brotherhood is ready to participate with the National Dialogue Committee which is open to any ideas aiming at political reform. The MB, however, makes the condition that their

Egyptians take to street for historical referendum

Egypt is witnessing a historical moment as thousands vote on constitutional amendments drafted by the 10 man committee chosen by the military following the ousting of Mubarak after the January

When Should Change Come in Egypt?

A political tug-of-war is taking place as the Muslim Brotherhood and the former ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) support the amendments to the constitution that will be decided in a

Dr. El-Erian: Voting No to Amendments makes Egypt Face Unknown Fate

Dr Esam El-Erian, member of the Brotherhood's Guidance Bureau and its media spokesman, has warned that if politicians urge people to vote "no" in the constitutional amendments it would drag